Our Professional Services!

For All Your Bridal, and Event Services

Hello, and thank you for visiting us today, we appreciate and value your business. Planning an event can be very stressful and time consuming to get to that SPECIAL DAY, your day; whatever the occasion, IT IS YOUR DAY!

It takes months and months of planning, and when that day finally arrives it is sometimes hard to sit back, and enjoy all of your hard work. Rest assure, we are here for you! Other than making sure your dress fit you on your BIG day; which we can't help you with, we will make sure you are worry free in every other area.

Don't wait to experience the overwhelming feeling by wasting any more time in getting to YOUR SPECIAL DAY. 

This is where we come in. LEAVE IT ALL (every step) TO US for the PROFESSIONAL AND AFFORDABLE service we love to provide, by making YOUR DAY PICTURE PERFECT. No celebration is too large or too small; we will make it happen!

Cinematography, Plus

Clear and high quality photos, audio and video is a big part of making the memory of your day a special one. With our One-Stop-Planning, it ensures a piece of mind, affordable pricing, and quality professional work on your own special day.

When the YOUR SPECIAL DAY is just around the corner, there is no time to play with. At 3Cs, preparation is already in the works for you; rest assure, we are more happy and excited for you!

We offer services in:

  • Cinematography - Photography and Videography
  • AV - Audio and Visual
  • DJ
  • Live Band

EZE Cinematography Productions

Samples of our Cinematographer's work


There is nothing like tasting the authenticity in every bite you take; savoring the flavor of exactly what you expected on YOUR SPECIAL DAY. Where food is concern, there should be no exception but the absolute best! 

Order what you would like for YOUR SPECIAL DAY, or leave it to us for suggestions; we will always put you first by assisting to make your day the ABSOLUTE BEST.

Every area of making YOUR DAY A SPECIAL ONE is done by people who love what they do in their own area, and will stop at nothing to have you fall in love all over again, with your SPECIAL DAY!

Choose from our selections below: 

  • Canadian
  • Caribbean
  • Indian/Pakistani
  • Italian

Grandma's Dish:

So you have grandma's recipe, and you would love that dish to be made for YOUR SPECIAL DAY! Let's us know and if its that important to you, it is worth looking into.

Personalize/Other Services

Too many things to do, and not enough time? No worry; leave it to us. Simply request your in home service instead, and we will be just steps to your door.

  • Hair
  • Makeup

Our Estimated Affordable Prices

  • Catering, starting from $1300.00
  • Bridal Hair and Makeup, starting from $1200.00
  • Photography, starting from $1200.00  
  • Videography, starting from $1100.00 
  • Cinematography, starting from  $1500.00 
  • Wedding Planner, starting from $1500 
  • Interior Decorator, starting from $1300
  • DJ and Live Band, starting from $900
  • Personal shopper, starting from  $150
  • Comic Performer/Clown, starting from $200


How much notice is required prior to an event?

The more time is ALWAYS BETTER, but it depends on the size of the event for proper planning, that might be required. For a small event, we generally request a minimum of six to eight weeks prior to your event!